Banned? Really?

Banned? Really? No, probably not. This looks like a promotion ploy by a desperate author just trying to get attention. If this book were translated into Korean and read by the dictator, it is most likely that he would laugh himself silly, turn from his peculiar path and lead his country into massive reform. I might be a tad optimistic but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

Banned in N Korea

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“The Potluck People” is now a paperback!

My novel, The Potluck People is now a paperback. This novel about quirky church people became, for a while, a #1 bestseller in its category as an Amazon Kindle ebook. But since so many people requested it as a paperback, that adaptation has now been done. It is 360 pages long and formatted beautifully. This would make a great Christmas present to those enjoy laugh-filled inspiration.

Potluck w border

 Here is a link to Amazon:

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A Udemy Course on Kindle

I took a course on Udemy that I thought was pretty good. It teaches how to produce and promote Kindle ebooks. Since there is now a special going on at Udemy, I thought I would let you know about it. Here it is:


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Here is the link:

Here is a bio of the teacher:

Tom Corson-Knowles is a serial entrepreneur, blogger and international bestselling author. He started his first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps out of his father’s garage. By the time he graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business at age 22, he was earning a full-time income from his first successful business which he started in his dorm room.

Tom then decided to share the keys to success he learned along his journey to becoming a financially independent entrepreneur through his books, videos and seminars. Today, he teaches new and established authors and writers how to achieve incredible success by writing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Tom is the founder of, a free video training program for any writer or author who wants to learn how to successfully write, publish and market their own ebooks.

Tom is also the founder of TCK Publishing, the premier ebook publishing firm that is leading the industry in providing advanced marketing support for its clients. The company’s goal is to help every single client earn a full-time income as an author. TCK Publishing specializes in marketing for both fiction and non-fiction authors to help get their message and stories out to millions of readers all over the world.

Tom’s bestselling books include “The Kindle Publishing Bible,” “The Amazon Analytics Bible,” “Rich By 22,” “Facebook For Business Owners,” “How To Make Money With Twitter” and “The Kindle Writing Bible,” among others.

I just bought his big book on Kindle Publishing. It is a compliation of five of his other books:


Free Video Course

Here is a free video mini course by Tom:

It isn’t as extensive as his Udemy Course.

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The Potluck People

Potluck Cover 3'25'13You’re Going to Love It! 

Every church has some quirky people. But at Meanwhile Baptist Church, there is an overabundance of offbeat personalities — and their antics, both funny and frustrating, are a challenge for their young, new pastor, Mike Lewis, and his fun-loving wife, Sandy.

You will meet “Counselor” Carol, a woman who keeps herself busy providing unwanted therapy to her fellow church members. And then there is Whit Carson, a mystery teen who shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to prank everyone with his mind-games. Old Margaret McElroy runs the kitchen and supervises some of the best Potluck Dinners in the Midwest. But she also uses seventy-two years of crusty gumption and a megaphone voice to handle anyone that gets out of line. The “Perfect Gift” drama production is coming and Harold T. Broadmoor, a self-professed marketing genius, has a secret, unorthodox publicity campaign to insure that everyone in West Michigan hears about it. These characters (and yes, they are characters!) are the kind of people you just want to hug… or sometimes kick. Take your choice.

Take a relaxing break and laugh your way through escapades of the Potluck People. In this dish you will find a variety of ingredients, such as the comic outlook of Garrison Kiellor’s Lake Wobegon, the biting humor of Phillip Gulley’s Harmony series and some of the warmth of Jan Karon’s Mitford books. Try a helping of “The Potluck People.” And when “Back for Seconds” comes out, you will definitely want to make your way back to the table.

“The Potluck People” is an unforgettable comedy peppered with moments of love, tenderness, and lives being changed. It’s a feel-good ramp you’ll be glad you read.

What are reviewers and readers sayng?

“Oh my goodness! I just finished reading THE POTLUCK PEOPLE and it was WONDERFUL!”

“…so funny and creative, I think you will really like this story. Especially if you’ve read any of the Jan Karon books.”

“Laughed out loud several times.”

“…pretty awesome! Finished the book…still LOL!”

“I started reading it last night, had to explain why I was laughing!”

“Loving the stories…”

“I read The Potluck People again. Just finished it two days ago. It cracks me up. When is the sequel? We need to know how things are going to go with Whit and all the rest of the ‘quirky’ church people.”

“If you’ve spent at least 30 seconds in a Baptist Church in the past four decades, you’ll love Ron Sheveland’s book. I’m reading it right now…it has a very casual and fun-loving tone.”

“I flew to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and read Ron’s book on the way. He did a great job! It was apparent that the author had a great deal of affection for his characters in spite of their quirks. The heart of a pastor shone through.”

“Just finished the book yesterday…love it!!!! Pretty sure we need a sequel.

“Loving reading potluck people.”

“I have truly enjoyed reading “The Potluck People”. Last week, we lost electricity, internet, and phone service for 4 days . . . I was able to read the book on my Kindle.”

“I enjoyed it / cringed / wondered how people stay in professional ministry….”

“Got the book and read it in one night. Really enjoyed it!”

“Truly enjoyed it – and several other women from church bought it and thought it was great. We did recognize a handful of those people in our church too.”

Get It Here   If you don’t own a Kindle, you can go to Amazon and get a free eBook reader for your computer or smart phone.

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Ordained Irreverance

Ahhh, it was a beautiful afternoon and I took advantage of it to sit outside in a lounge chair and finish the book “Ordained Irreverance” by McMillian Moody. I really liked it. As you know, I have written a novel about quirky church people called “The Potluck People.” In many ways “Ordained Irreverance” is very different than mine. It is a big, city church rather than a small, rural church, etc. But it still shows the lovability and occasional irascibility of church folk. I loved the characters and some of the very positive themes in this book. It gets five stars from me! I look forward to the sequel.

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A “Feel Good” Novel

You need a little “pick-me-up,” don’t you? Yes, of course you do. It’s obvious to us, your closest friends. We’ve all been talking about it.

After deliberation, we’ve all decided that it is time for you to get “The Potluck People” now. It is so easy to get and reading it will make you feel good. Yes, that’s what you want, isn’t it? A “feel good” novel. Makes you feel good even thinking about reading it, huh? Yes, it does… mmmm.

Just click below. You know you want to.


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It’s nice to share…

It’s nice to share.

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New Revision

I have revised both the cover and the interior of my book, The Potluck People. I would love your input. Which cover do you like best, the old red one or the new blue one?

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