I am currently working on several books — including book two (Back for Seconds) of the Potluck People series. But the majority of my writing is dedicated to non-fiction Christian books. Below you will see some that are available.

My primary ministry is called I-Training. I travel around the world training pastors and church leaders. During the next four months, for example, I will be teaching two courses in Mexico, doing a retreat and a two week class at a graduate school in Nepal and teaching another course in India. In each case, I also mentor leaders, preach in churches and sometimes engage in evangelism. When I am not traveling oversees, I provide training and resources to my global students through the internet. If you would like to know more, please go to

Like most missionaries, I need to raise all of my support. The proceeds of my book sales also helps fund my mission work. So, as you consider getting any of the books below, please pray about giving a donation to I-Training. You can do that easily here through paypal or you can go to to discover other ways for giving donations.

If you desire, you can give immediately and electronically:


THE PERFECT GIFT gives “heart and head” reasons for you to accept God’s gift of eternal life. You can freely download the book below. For a donation to I-Training (, a paperback will be sent to you. Just send your address to and specify which book you are requesting. Or, again for a donation, right click to download:  ThePerfectGiftebook4’12



DISCOVER YOUR MINISTRY NICHE, priced at $12.95, is available for any sized donation to I-Training ( Just email the author at with your address and it will be sent to you. Please also donate enough to also cover S&H.


BAPTISM & COMMUNION — Appreciating God’s Artistry is available as a Kindle eBook on Click here if you would prefer to immediately download it immediately as a PDF: Baptism & Communion Book PDF. Your donation is needed and appreciated.


DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL MISSION — God Has An Adventure for You will be published soon. Until then, a pre-published preview copy is available for a short time for a donation of any size. To learn more, please go to www.DiscoverYourPersonalMission.comClick here to download the book: Preview Edition


You may also want “Christmas Recipes” by Old Margaret McElroy. If you have read “The Potluck People,” you know Old Margaret is actually a fictional character in the novel. But these recipes are real AND good. So if you want a free 100+ page cookbook, just click here: Old Margarets Christmas Recipes


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