I want to thank all of you for feedback. Here is a collection of reviews from Amazon followed by some comments by others…

5.0 out of 5 stars Loving characters
By a i – This is a wonderful read. Sheveland identifies lovable and irritating characters we’ve all met in church, and brings them together by weaving together a variety of events, endeavors, attitudes, and activities. We meet Pastor Mike and his wife Sandy, Counselor Carol, Harold Broadmoor, and the mischievous Whit Carson, all of the Meanwhile Baptist Church. It is a playful read held together by a subtext of personal growth and Christian purpose.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good, clean fun!, December 16, 2011
Trish L Betty — I really enjoyed this book. I loved the positive, Godly message mixed with humor. I too would love to see it become a series. I want to know what happens next with these quirky characters. Great book. Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars Funny, Easy Read
Kathy – I could not stop reading this! So funny, and so true of all the “Potlucks” I have ever been to! Ron is a great author and kept me captive throughout this book!

5.0 out of 5 stars great Christmas gift,
socal girl – Get this for someone who would enjoy a funny, inspiring read. They won’t be disappointed. The characters are great, the dialogue is hilarious, and the ending is satisfying.

5.0 out of 5 stars You will swear you know these people…
Becky – This story captures the culture of ‘church’ people in a way that will have you laughing and crying at the same time. The author has the art of storytelling down to a tee. I can almost picture every person I grew up with in at least one of the characters and am hoping the author will continue with a series.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read
Paul Newell — I had the chance to listen to the author read the “Christmas Pageant” chapter from The Potluck People recently and he had the entire audience captivated. The quirky people seem all too real much of the time and the humor often hits far too close to home. This is a fun read for anyone who has ever encountered a church potluck or simply enjoyed church life. If I had only two words to describe Potluck People I would say GRACIOUSLY FUNNY!

5.0 out of 5 stars Read it twice now!!
Jackie Conley — I just finished reading The Potluck People for the second time. I wanted to remember some details I felt like I read too fast to catch the first time because I was in such a hurry to see what would happen next! The characters are funny and quirky just as advertised but still full of enough humanity to make us care about them. I look forward to a sequel to find out what happens to them as they reveal more of themselves and what other business they can get into or rather who’s business they can get into. The teenagers are interesting and we are left wondering what will happen to them as well as the breakthrough with Counselor Carol and the people she counseled along the way. This is a funny, touching, look into small town church life with it’s ups and downs but always with the reminder that there is a purpose for them all to gather every week together.

5.0 out of 5 stars Read it on my honeymoon because it was so good!,
Tracie Toy – I met Dr. Sheveland at my church in Second Life. He came in with his cast of characters just as I was ready to log off for the night. I saw him pop into the church and went down to see who was there and if I could help. We had a pleasant conversation during which he told me about Potluck People. I eagerly awaited it’s publication. He sent an instant message to let me know it was available at Amazon, and I immediately downloaded it. It was such a good novel that I took it with me on my honeymoon. Parts of the story had me laughing out loud. My new husband gave me weird looks, so I read parts of it to him. Dr. Sheveland knows how to write in a way that makes the characters come to life. I finished the book this morning and have been thinking about those people all day now. They became real in the course of the story, and now I want more. I hope you continue this tale, Dr. Sheveland.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, Clean, Fun Book!!!, December 30, 2011
Melissa A Lively – What a joy to read The Potluck People! The characters are great and the story is lot’s of fun! Being the daughter in law of a Preacher, who preached in small town Baptist churches, I could really relate to this book. I am recommending it to everyone I know!

Further Comments:

Becki : LOVED “Potluck People”!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Marge: Oh my goodness! I just finished reading THE POTLUCK PEOPLE and it was WONDERFUL! Does this book also come in book form or just e-readers? I have it on my Kindle but would love to purchase copies for friends who don’t own e-readers. I would also like to know if you have any other books you have written. God bless you and thank you for brightening up my last two days with this marvelous book. Then she posted this on her facebook page: I just finished reading a wonderful and entertaining book called The Potluck People by Ron Sheveland. It seems it is only available in ebook format but I highly recommend it. There were some parts that made me laugh so hard that my sides were hurting. It’s a great read.

Jackie: My friend, Ron Sheveland, wrote a funny new book. It’s available on Amazon as an ebook. You can check it out at It’s a fun story about a church in a small town in ..where else …Michigan! Ron is so funny and creative, I think you will really like this story. Especially if you’ve read any of the Jan Karon books.

Mike: Pam and I started reading it this afternoon. Downloaded it to Kindle on my PC. I was reading it as she drove down I-76. Laughed outloud several times.

Beth: “My hubby gave me a Kindle for Christmas and the first thing I did was download your book. Can’t wait to read it!”

Esther: Kids taught me how to get the Kindle Reader on my laptop. So am enjoying the day reading Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (recommended by a widow friend, Ron Van Der Meulen) and The Potluck People (written by dear friend Ron Sheveland)

Donna: That’s pretty awesome! Finished the book…still LOL!

Bob: Congrats on publication of The Potluck People. Jerry was telling me about it last night. Sounds like great stuff from the greatest leg-puller on earth.

Dan: I am reading and enjoying it. Thanks, Ron!

Deanna: I started reading it last night, had to explain to John why I was laughing! He loves the name of the church.

Karen: I bought it on ‘Kindle for PC’ so I can read it from my laptop since I don’t have a Kindle.

Barb (from Niger): Changed my zone settings and was able to buy it. Looking forward to a little “quirky”.

Kathryn Ann: Loving the stories…

Nancy: “I am reading The Potluck People and it is very enjoyable.”

Jackie: I read The Potluck People again. Just finished it two days ago. It cracks me up. The character of the Pastors wife Sandy is I think my favorite. is she based on any Pastors wife we know? I like how she never seems to get rattled no matter what happens. When is the sequel? We need to know how things are going to go with Whit and all the rest of the “quirky” church people.

Jason: If you’ve spent at least 30 seconds in a Baptist Church in the past four decades, you’ll love Ron Sheveland’s book and website: I’m reading it right now…it has a very casual and fun-loving tone.

Mike: Pam and I started reading it this afternoon. Downloaded it to Kindle on my PC. I was reading it as she drove down I-76. Laughed outloud several times.

Deanna: I started reading it last night, had to explain to John why I was laughing! He loves the name of the church.

Jenny: cant wait to read, ron! i wanted to get for my dad, but he doesn’t have a kindle. are there hardcopies for purchase? congrats on getting this published. i have heard some clips over the years and it was hysterical! :)

Shana: Be careful of typos regarding pot lucks. I got this in an email. “Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 pm – prayer and medication to follow.”

Judy: I flew to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and read Ron’s book on the way. He did a great job! It was apparent that the author had a great deal of affection for his characters in spite of their quirks. The heart of a pastor shone through.

Brenda: Just got a kindle …first book purchased…The Potluck People!

Brenda: Just finished your book yesterday…love it!!!! Pretty sure you need a sequel.

Brian: Loving reading potluck people.

Roy: Ron, I have truly enjoyed reading “The Potluck People”. Last week, we lost electricity, internet, and phone service for 4 days . . . I was able to read the book on my Kindle. Thanks brother.

Gary: I thoroughly enjoyed the Potluck People.

Rick: Finished “The Potluck People” on the ride over to Europe; I saw a lot of familiar faces in the book. A weather man named James Craig? I enjoyed it / cringed / wondered how people stay in professional ministry….

Dan Gelatt Jr.: Got your book and read it in one night. Really enjoyed it!”

Marilyn R.: …didn’t even have to wonder about the author when I read “The Potluck People”….it was you all over the place. Truly enjoyed it – and several other women from church bought it and thought it was great. We did recognize a handful of those people in our church too.

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