The Book

Every church has some quirky people. Doesn’t yours? But at Meanwhile Baptist Church (located, of course, in the historic town of Meanwhile, Michigan), there is an overabundance of offbeat personalities — and their antics, both funny and frustrating, are a challenge for their young, new pastor, Mike Lewis, and his fun-loving wife, Sandy.

You will meet “Counselor” Carol, a woman who keeps herself busy providing unwanted therapy to her fellow church members. And then there is Whit Carson, a mystery teen who shows up out of nowhere and proceeds to prank everyone with his mind-games. Old Margaret McElroy runs the kitchen and supervises some of the best Potluck Dinners in the Midwest. But she also uses seventy-two years of crusty gumption and a megaphone voice to handle anyone that gets out of line. The “Perfect Gift” drama production is coming and Harold T. Broadmoor, a self-professed marketing genius, has a secret, unorthodox publicity campaign to insure that everyone in West Michigan hears about it. These characters (and yes, they are characters!) are the kind of people you just want to hug… or sometimes kick. Take your choice.

Take a relaxing break and laugh your way through escapades of the Potluck People. In this dish you will find a variety of ingredients, such as the comic outlook of Garrison Kiellor’s Lake Wobegon, the biting humor of Phillip Gulley’s Harmony series and some of the warmth of Jan Karon’s Mitford books. Try a helping of  The Potluck People. And when Back for Seconds comes out, you will definitely want to make your way back to the table. 


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